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pl] are the stress and strain of proportional limit under torsion.
The simple linear relationship between stress and strain below the proportional limit can be exploited by FEA to perform quick and accurate analyses.
The research conducted herein focused on nondestructive identification of damage in wood that has occurred via bending load in excess of the proportional limit, yet below breaking strength.
Bark blocks tested in the radial direction gave very low values for both the modulus of elasticity and the stress at proportional limit.
Close to the proportional limit, the sample starts to move laterally and to embed in the lower anisotropic strength direction.
From the [sigma]-[epsilon] relation, Young's modulus, proportional limit stress, and compressive strength were determined by the following procedure.
They cannot determine the shear stress/shear strain behavior including the shear modulus and shear stress at the proportional limit.
Young's modulus, proportional limit stress, and bending strength were calculated by substituting the parameters obtained by the regression into the equations derived from elementary bending theory.
Load deformation data (joint stiffness, proportional limit, 5percent offset yield load and ultimate load) were analyzed using analysis of variance techniques to gauge influence of varying end distance.
Elastic modulus and stress at the proportional limit were determined from each load-displacement curve.

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