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The prosumer market is demanding a 3D printer that features quiet operation along with high speed, high resolution and massive build volume.
It's not about what's convenient for the practice; it's about what's convenient for the prosumer.
Coined by futurist author Alvin Toffler in his 1991 book Third Wave, the term Prosumer refers to a 22- to 42-year-old consumer activist.
With its impressive performance on existing client multi-threaded applications, the AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processor will take prosumers and digital media enthusiasts to a new level with content creation and multimedia experiences.
The Prosumer Builder is operating on major web projects at Standard Life Bank, Lloyds TSB, Zurich Assurance Network and Scottish Enterprise.
Since the last Maximising Wireless Profit SOHO report was written in 2009, there has been a rapid growth in the penetration of smartphones in this segment, as well as the rise in numbers of a group of white-collar professionals that source their own mobile communications equipment but use it in the course of their employment within companies of all sizes - prosumers.
We are proud to be the first to deliver professional quality prints to the consumer and prosumer, enabling educators, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts to match their creativity with greater productivity, said Rajeev Kulkharni, Vice President, General Manager, Consumer Products, 3DS.
For more information about Prosumer Report and to download the "Building Brands that Matter: The Sweet Spot Between Trust and Dynamism" white paper, please visit www.
Prosumer said the new title will cover four major areas including consumer electronics, computing, telecommunications and entertainment and is designed to be the "ultimate guide" to new digital products and services.
Delivers enterprise quality email offering for growing prosumer market; enables carriers to rollout advanced new service, enhance smartphone revenues
With a dedicated source drive and easy one-touch functionality, Aleratec s prosumer solutions support all popular DVD formats and even have the ability to duplicate DVD-RAM media and up to 8.
The Prosumer opts for practical solutions, such as purchasing 100 per cent recycled paper products, like the EnviroCare portfolio products, including SpongeTowels EnviroCare, Scotties EnviroCare, Purex EnviroCare and Cashmere EnviroCare, because they know that they are doing something good for the environment without compromising on product quality or performance.