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For example, in a scene where the protagonist and E* are consummating their desire:
Stick to a film that has a linear narrative and a single protagonist.
Again, Balaev circumnavigates this problem by focusing on the trauma of an individual protagonist.
Participants said they felt "significantly" less sexually attractive when they read about a slim character, and significantly more concerned about their own weight when reading about a protagonist with low body esteem.
A Success Story" and the title story both feature a narrator with a "Once upon a time" sort of beginning, a framework that allows a summary comment at the end, even though each story is essentially delivered from the perspective of its protagonist.
Throughout Nada and La isla, the protagonists are exclusively engaged in identity moratorium.
She is concerned with her definitions and aware that she has chosen to employ selected case studies, not to inclusively survey the protagonists of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century English literature; readers will find themselves musing about how the analysis might have differed had other writers and works been chosen.
By associating the ethos of revenge with the antagonist of her narrative and the ethos of survival with her protagonists, Rowling in fact argues against vengeance as a valid paradigm for interacting with one's environment, because of its personal and physical consequences.
Protagonists can wrestle with societal forms and ideals or reckon with nature.
The protagonists are teenagers, plagued by the oppressions of insensitive parents, an authoritarian school system, and a reactionary society, and while the title refers to their sexual awakening, the subtitle, "A Tragedy of Youth," points to the inevitable clashes between the teenagers' awakening (and questioning and experimenting) and the adult world.
Appendixes include a table of results of female protagonists in 22 Sweet Valley Kids novels according to internal or external locus of control, and examples of unchecked negative behavior derived from field notes from the Sweet Valley Kids series.