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It's a protection racket far more sophisticated than the typical mob-style shakedown.
THE firebombing of a house may be linked to a former protection racket at a Merseyside garage.
THE sons of a protection racket mobster are raking in taxpayers' cash guarding major roadworks.
He alleges that Mr Cherney was engaged in a protection racket and that pounds 130 million was paid to Mr Cherney to "buy him off".
Sir - Reading the headlines on Wednesday, June 14 , I was puzzled by Bob Geldof's bold statement 'the EU is the greatest protection racket ever invented'.
Capone would be desperately proud of the EU which is the greatest protection racket invented,' he said.
Frankly, I think these people are running a protection racket, with the intended payoff being political - a cynical McCarthy-like exploitation of wedge politics.
If you don't assume some minimal antecedent demand for government services, such as common defense against property violations and other crimes, there's no way to avoid characterizing the state as simply a protection racket.
His remarks are a blow to ordinary families, many of whom have already been stung by the payment protection racket as well as sky-high overdraft fees.
This led to an instant following, combined with endorsements from Halo Guitars and Knucklehead strings (USA) and Protection Racket drum cases (UK) as well as sponsorship from Birmingham Drum Centre.
A CROOKED cop is facing jail after trying to con an Indian restaurant out of pounds 15,000 in a protection racket.
Shockingly, the gang behind the protection racket claim to be childhood friends of the player, having grown up with him on a South London estate.

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