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The Story of Latino Protestants in the United States
It was unquestionably Protestants who founded the United States.
Synopsis: Protestants who identify with "mainline" denominations are distinctly more liberal on moral issues than are Baptists, Pentecostals and those identifying with nondenominational Protestant groups.
He ends part I by discussing how Luther's use of the term Beruf (calling) had a determining role in how Protestants related to the concept of work.
The Fervent Embrace: Liberal Protestants, Evangelicals, and Israel.
RIGHTWARD BOUND--A review of political affiliations by religious faith shows that every major faith group in the United States is shifting more toward the Republican Party except for Black Protestants and Muslims.
THE Orange Order has been given almost pounds 900,000 of European money to help Protestants engage in the peace process.
Protestants do not share a common unity with the Catholic Church.
During 2004-05 100 people, sixty-eight women and thirty-two men, thirty-six Catholics and sixty-four Protestants, living in the Republic of Ireland, and from a wide range of backgrounds, were interviewed.
It struck me immediately," he writes, "that the huge subject of conflict between Catholics and Protestants in nineteenth-century England would be worth exploring in depth .
Most mainline Protestants and Jews, by contrast, have reached AARP status.
Mexican Protestants, and there is much work to be done in exploring and critically analyzing the early period of U.