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The 4M Wireless PS100 LTE TDD/FDD protocol stack is fully compliant with the 3GPP LTE specifications.
Since a profile defines application-level functions, a protocol stack must provide application programming interfaces (APIs) for each profile and APIs for accessing generic Bluetooth functions that most applications use.
The enhanced Bluetooth protocol stack and Proto Developer are available now.
In addition, iWARE protocol modules are offered for ATM AAL5, ATM AAL2, SS7 MTP1/2, Frame Relay, PPP, HDLC and IP/Ethernet, along with convergence layer software for third party protocol stacks, such as Hughes Software Systems.
Together with our free ZigBee protocol stack and world-class development tools, Microchip offers a complete solution for one of the fastest-growing technology market segments.
In combination with our free ZigBee protocol stack, Microchip now offers a complete solution for one of the fastest-growing technology market segments.
Comneon's platform independent dual mode WEDGE Protocol Stack
The AFDX-E1000 uses a hardware-independent, software-loadable, ARINC 664 Part 7-compliant protocol stack that meets commercial and military AFDX subsystem requirements.
Helicomm's ZigBee-compliant protocol stack supports resource-rich, extended range, full function devices (FFDs) to cost-optimized reduced function devices (RFDs), enabling Helicomm customers to meet cost and performance goals with shorter development time and lower cost.
IPLITE provides a small and compact dual IPv4/v6 protocol stack configurable from 17 KB of memory for embedded systems requiring a small footprint.
The UMA-enabled Comneon Protocol Stack Solution is being demonstrated in the Infineon Technologies booth (Hall 1, Booth C08 and C09) at 3GSM in Barcelona, Spain this week.
The advanced features designed into the architecture of the PyX iSCSI protocol stack enables efficient and cost-effective storage transport by optimizing bandwidth usage, enabling unlimited storage to be attached to each target device, and leveraging existing network technologies.

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