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Services include design, assistance during installation and testing, in-house sampling and first-article inspections, as well as rapid prototyping, prototype molds, and full assembly photo renderings.
Fractional ownership of rapid prototyping machines provides a solution never before available to those who use rapid prototyping services," explained Alex Linde, Tangible Express President and COO.
New Dimension BST and SST 1200 large-format 3D printers for rapid prototyping from Stratasys' Dimension Printing unit are priced under $30,000 and have 57% larger working envelope than previous models.
Carlson said one problem faced with some customers' prototype models is the rough surfaces produced by certain prototyping machines.
Based on feedback from our customers and prototyping board partners, we believe there is dramatic growth in the use of FPGA-based prototyping for ASIC verification," said John Gallagher, director of outbound marketing at Synplicity.
When time is of the essence for shape or production of cast metal components, metalcasters are discovering that rapid prototyping for investment casting can eliminate errors in production tooling or eliminate tooling in general, which in turn saves money and improves leadtimes.
For more information on Synplicity's Partners in Prototyping go to http://www.
While I'm a firm believer that 31) modeling and CNC machining have made a huge impact in the casting world, I am not yet convinced that some of the 'next level' of rapid prototyping equipment is necessary," said Mike Kuebler, John Deem manager--quality, sales and service.
MINNEAPOLIS -- (NASDAQ:SSYS) Stratasys says it installed its first Arcam EBM S-400 rapid manufacturing and prototyping system at Medical Modeling LLC, Golden, Colo.
Bringing rapid prototyping capabilities in-house is becoming a reality for many plastics manufacturers, thanks to more affordable, faster, and easy-to-use 3D printers.
While rapid prototyping has changed the face of manufacturing and the ability to quickly produce component models to test for form fit and function, it is not without its problems when used in metalcasting.