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Temporary; not permanent. Tentative, contingent, preliminary.

A provisional civil service appointment is a temporary position that fills a vacancy until a test can be properly administered and statutory requirements can be fulfilled to make a permanent appointment.


adjective alterable, conditional, dependent on circumstances, equivocal, for a time, in a state of uncertainty, in tempus, indefinite, indeterminate, interim, limited, makeshift, modifiable, nonpermanent, of short duration, passing, provisory, subject to change, subject to terms, substitute, temporarily established, temporary, transient, transitional, transitory, unascertained, unassured, unconfirmed, undecided, undetermined, unsettled
Associated concepts: provisional appointment, provisional court, provisional employee, provisional government, prooisional receiver, provisional remedy
See also: conditional, contingent, dubious, empirical, interim, interlocutory, qualified, questionable, restrictive, speculative, subject, surrogate, temporary, tentative, transient, transitory, uncertain, vicarious
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The Provo area is the perfect complement to our other full-service facilities in Battle Creek, Michigan, and Lincoln, Nebraska.
The deal contains a bail-out clause for Google, which can sell the network back to Provo for $1 if the investment doesn't work out, but Google fully expects to put Fiber on the map in Utah.
Another knock against the Provo is its lack of dry-fly opportunities.
It is known that earlier this year the Provo warlord had been summoned to a meeting south of the border to account for his behaviour.
For more information about Provo Craft, see the following:
The agency met its legal responsibilities by notifying Beltran that the mother, Denise Allan, was in Provo and planned to place the child for adoption.
Provo Craft will be on-site to share new product offerings, including the Cricut Craft Room[TM], the Cricut Mini[TM] and the Cricut Expression[R] 2.
mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held on 10/05/16 @ 10:00 am at provo city power, 207 north 100 west, provo, utah 84601.
Provo -- THE UTAH DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION has awarded a contract to Parsons Brincherhoff for design of a reconstruction project on SR-189 in Provo Canyon.
She did not want to face uncomfortable questions about her baby from people she had known all her life in Santa Clarita, and she was interested in staying in Provo after the birth to attend college.
PROVO, Utah -- Provo Beach Resort will host its first-ever Flow Tour Competition on July 23 starting at 10:30 a.
Financial institutions, including banks and investment brokers, have spruced up and spread out in downtown Provo.