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The message appears to have originated at the last proxy server.
1 can be either integrated with a web/FTP proxy server, such as Blue Coat or Squid, through an ICAP-based connector, or deployed in simple pass-by mode - a plug and play deployment which requires no change to existing network configurations.
We can encrypt/decrypt SIP session information transmitted between the proxy server and users, but this causes additional overload on the proxy server and transmission delay.
by adding general-purpose servers with proxy server software--they increase hardware, software and administrative costs proportionally and have little power to improve the productivity of even the most competent and dedicated IT staff.
The technology is pretty simple, when an NMCI user clicks on a link; data goes from his workstation to an NMCI switch point (in San Diego, Hawaii or Norfolk) back to the proxy server at China Lake and prompts him for a username and password.
The primary issue was the way the proxy server handled the need for exceptions to the overall Web usage policy.
According to David Couch, Kentucky Associate Commissioner for Education, Proxy Server was chosen to do much more than simply filter out unwanted sites.
The proxy server needs to be robust enough to avoid a logjam of information during busy periods.
A proxy server is a computer On-site at a library that users can connect to over the Internet.
Secure e-business management company Netegrity has launched its SiteMinder Secure Proxy Server.