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Offering another distinct critique of medicalization is Alison Townsend's creative account of the traumatizing world of the psych ward in "At the Bottom of the Ocean: Psych Ward, 1986.
He filed an appeal and got a letter from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation informing him that he had been designated a "mental defective" by virtue of his four-day visit to the psych ward and was no longer allowed to possess firearms or ammunition--ever.
And while she would not deny medical attention to someone experiencing the effects of spiritual emergency, which could include horrific and frightening visions, hearing voices, intense feelings of failure (especially of having failed God), and many other outpourings from the personal and collective unconscious, she does affirm that medication and time in the psych ward denies people the opportunity to reintegrate whatever is coming forth into a healthier whole.
Visitors walk through the dark rooms past old metal operating tables, the former X-ray room with windows painted black and the psych ward.
After spending two months in a psych ward, he is now, at 41 years of age, eight months clean of painkillers and six months out of inpatient treatment, and allowed to go back to work in the police department.
Struggling with anorexia and living in the psych ward, Anise wonders about the point of it all.
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Charlie arranges for Ruth's mentor, Sarah Evans, to visit her in the psych ward.
She escalates the dose, develops a paranoid psychosis, and ends up on a psych ward.
they that were at the psych ward they that on the pavilion patented
When Ruth feels threatened or hurt, she goes on the attack, which is what happened with Charlie when she got him moved to the psych ward.
We(First Nations people)are big business--filling up the pen, corrections, and the psych ward, and yet everyone is supposed to be servicing First Nations people.