Mental Cruelty

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Mental Cruelty

A course of conduct on the part of one spouse toward the other spouse that can endanger the mental and physical health and efficiency of the other spouse to such an extent as to render Continuance of the marital relation intolerable. As a ground for Divorce, it is conduct that causes embarrassment, humiliation, and anguish so as to render life miserable and unendurable or to cause a spouse's life, person, or health to become endangered.

mental cruelty

n. a term, rapidly going out of fashion and out of the statutes, which has been used to justify granting a divorce when the state laws required that some wrong had to be found in the defending spouse. In absence of actual physical cruelty (or unwillingness to discuss it) the person wanting the divorce could testify to a list of indignities ("he swore at me, he came home late, he humiliated me in front of friends, he was hateful to my mother, he read girlie magazines," or similar tales told about the wife) which would be verified by a relative or a friend to satisfy the judge that the petitioning spouse would suffer mental harm if the marriage continued and proved that there were grounds for a divorce. As "no-fault" divorce has gained favor, such charades have faded into legal history. (See: divorce, cruelty)

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There are several violations which have been uncovered including physical and psychological abuse, besides several administrative shortfalls and a lack of proper facilities and hygiene," said Dr Saleh.
Psychological abuse was defined as having ever been insulted, humiliated or threatened with harm by one's husband.
Children Living in Homes With Intimate Partner Violence at Increased Risk of Abuse Homes with intimate Nonviolent homes partner violence Psychological abuse 44.
They are aimed at people whose Mother's Day was not about love and flowers but physical and psychological abuse.
Not only had there been no pattern of physical or psychological abuse in her relationship with defendant, she flatly denied he had ever hit her in the past.
Event organiser Dr Alison Longwill said: 'We will focus on the very serious issues of physical, sexual and psychological abuse to which many women are subjected.
He vividly depicts the horrors of the plebe system at the Citadel, and works through how he grew even when both his coach and Marine father heaped on him physical and psychological abuse with the "power to both hurt and enlarge.
The results show that African-American students are more likely to experience psychological abuse than physical abuse and the negative impact from such abuse is consistent with that previous research findings; experiencing depression, stress and anxiety and long and severe headaches.
The results indicated that the psychological violence was high in all settings, and the children suffered more psychological abuse at home, followed then by schools and workplace settings.
The results indicated that the psychological violence was high in all settings and the children suffered more psychological abuse at home, followed by schools and workplace settings.
Last week, MSPs voted to make psychological abuse and coercive control a criminal offence.
This law sends a message to all survivors of emotional and psychological abuse for whom there have been no bruises - you count, your experience counts.

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