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Pubes were in in vintage porn - there's something dirtier about it.
So I imagined, when at night as I slept the cloud-gray pubes like flames around my stiff became soaked with come
I remember we had those silver blankets that runners have after a race and we took them off and clung onto each other really quickly because I didn't want anyone getting pictures of my pubes.
A handful of pubes falling into the toilet bowl was the first sign of hair loss.
In the end Anthony had to offer hair from his pubes and armpits to fill the jug.
Everyone had to sign it, and he cut his pubes out and stuck them in my book.
But when there wasn't enough hair in the jug, Anthony offered to shave his pubes then underarms.
His friend Yogi revealed: "Joseph meets people at festivals generally when his pubes are on fire.
It shouldn't take that long, as I'd imagine there's only going to be four chapters to cover all the major events in his brief life so far: 1) Birth, 2) School, 3) Pubes, 4) Fame.