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Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry has reportedly told the 16 men that for the pardon to be carried out, they must first sign pledges to not repeat their offences or engage in public activism, and to thank the King.
The book examines this central theme in relation to Henderson's public activism in Quebec and Ontario.
These reports make sweeping claims about Putin's suppression of civil society based on only a handful of cases involving high profile individuals or organizations as analyzed by "country or regional experts", but such reports usually have no systematic, nationwide annual data on public activism and NGO activity.
Platt attempts to characterize these efforts as a prefectural initiative, but is forced to acknowledge both central government leadership and a shift in the character of public activism to reflect a new, national consciousness.
Nearly 60 per cent of companies would appear not to have developed plans to respond to public activism.
At the same time, it is apparent that despite their intense displeasure with the policies of the current Bush Administration, environmentalists have not been able to generate a widespread backlash and significantly increased public activism akin to what they stimulated in the early years of the Reagan administration -- which they also saw as trying to weaken environmental protection policies.
A spirit of volunteerism, philanthropy, and public activism drove Hoover.

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