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Weekly meetings of the public prosecutors and district attorneys should also be held to provide them opportunity to share knowledge, experience and status of the pending cases, he said.
On their part, the judges and public prosecutors appreciated the confidence vested in them by Shaikh Mansour, pledging that they will employ their expertise to dispense justice and develop the department.
This unit will be under the authority of environment public prosecutors in all governorates.
However, he apparently decided it was time to change the leadership of the prosecutorial system, as the Supreme Public Prosecutors Office has compiled a report on its investigation into the scandals and proposals on how to prevent their recurrence.
However, he emphasized that the public prosecutors must play an important role in protecting public interest and overseeing government departments and government employees.
AaAaAa The conference is an opportunity to tackle issues related to speeding up the recommendations of the Amman and Riyadh conferences (Jordan/2007, and Saudi Arabia/2008), and the role of public prosecutors in fighting terrorism and environment pollution.
Public prosecutors made their recommendation last month on the grounds that the alleged crimes in question were already under investigation in Israel, but National Court judge Fernando Andreu ruled that this is not the case, according to a copy of the ruling obtained by AFP.
The agency has filed with the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office a criminal complaint against the bank and its three executives, including former senior executive Sen Hayakawa, 55, over their alleged obstruction of the agency's inspections.
The Osaka District Public Prosecutors Office did not indict the driver, a school teacher, on grounds that he was in a state of psychosomatic exhaustion at the time of the accident.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Swedish public prosecutors today laid charges against present and former employees of Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERICY) for evasion of tax control.
Wednesday's sitting of the Council of Public Prosecutors ended yet the appointment of the remaining seven members of Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva's team was not even on its agenda.
He described Al-Othman as one of the most distinctive historic public prosecutors in the Arab region.

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