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The publicity program kicked into gear as soon as the program and executional tools were finalized and approved.
To get your publicity program off to a good start, prepare several basic information pieces to be sent to editors of periodicals and to news directors of radio and television stations in your marketing area, packaged in a form sometimes called a press kit or media kit.
The management firm supports its publicity program with an ongoing newsletter that provides in-depth discussion of the most pressing problems facing property owners and how the problems can be solved.
Obviously, niche publications can only supplement an overall publicity program.
Simply put, a good publicity program provides editors and reporters with solid story topics and includes your firm's professionals as credible sources for comment or possible authors for articles.
The new service also needs subscribers so a marketing and publicity program is necessary to build the contributor and viewer base.
For that reason, the hotel has only had a "soft opening" and has not yet embarked on a marketing or publicity program.
The publicity program also will underscore how MSF's relocating its national headquarters to a more expansive facility at 6520 North Andrews Avenue here will help the not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization to meet the increasing demand for its nationally accessible programs and services.
com), attended the American Cancer Society's annual fundraiser "Tango in the Tropics" at The Boca Raton Beach Club, little did he know that he would win a publicity program in the silent auction from TransMedia Group, one of the top independent public relations firms in the country.