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This is a new program for the City and the first time the City has permitted parking spots on publicly owned facilities.
The logic of handing out the contracts to private operators seems to be mainly ideological - Tories do not like publicly owned companies to be successful.
Production of hardwoods publicly owned in Montenegro for period January - August 2013 compared with same period of previous year has been decreased for 4 633 m[sup.
Overall public-sector workers stagnated but only because of a cut in publicly owned enterprises.
Summary: A host of high profile celebrities have joined a campaign to prevent the proposed sale of publicly owned forests.
Similar challenges have prompted several Southern California cities to dismantle crosses in civic venues or to sell the publicly owned land on which the Christian symbols were erected.
The first priority in implementing these changes is to slow the decline of publicly owned trees by planting at least as many trees as the city removes each year, Henry says.
The CEOs of many of today's publicly owned companies are chosen not for their possession of business skills and experience relevant to a particular firm or industry, nor for their ability to act as responsible fiduciaries on behalf of shareholders.
Such a trust would disburse $18 billion in public funds--skimmed from auctions of the publicly owned electromagnetic spectrum--to support worthy civic uses of the Internet.
org] reveal how multinational energy giants like Enron and AES have been taking over publicly owned power systems around the world.
said it would fight a policyholder lawsuit challenging New York Insurance Superintendent Neil Levin's approval of the company's plan to convert to a publicly owned company.
Earnings disappointments by publicly owned skilled nursing and assisted living companies.

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