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Accordingly, on 4 June 2017, the publication and circulation of Al Wasat newspaper was suspended, due to its violation of the Press, Printing and Publishing Law and its repeated publication of contents that can stir division in the community and affect the relations of the Kingdom of Bahrain with other countries.
The workshop shed light on current Palestinian legislation that are related to media and women rights including (Palestinian Basic Law, Printing and publishing law, penal code, personal status law).
While both companies have adopted industry-accepted best practices of requiring a warrant for content, publishing law enforcement guidelines, and publishing a transparency report, and while we applaud both companies for advocating for reforms to overbroad NSA surveillance, these two companies are not acting as leaders in other criteria that we examine," the watchdog said in its "(https://www.
Although we were waiting for laws that prevent jailing journalists in publishing law cases and a decent press law, we are faced by the fact that 29 journalists are behind bars," Qalash stated during his address.
The law in its sixth article essentially stipulates amnesty for those who hand over their unlicensed guns within four months, effective the date of publishing law in the official gazette.
A 2014 Printing and Publishing Law was established specifically to silence dissent and to criminalise any recognition of the Rohingya, thus abolishing their collective rights altogether.
It is clear that the publishing law still gives the Ministry of Information the power to revoke publishing licenses forcefully.
Al Harsoosi added that the draft of the publication and publishing law which was amended by the Ministry of Information and the Ministry of Legal Affairs has been with the Council of Ministers for years.
Publisher and distributors should make themselves aware of the matters prohibited from being published in any print along with the penalties as covered under the Publishing Law.
The commission, which was established in September 2012, will issue licenses under the printing and publishing law to any production company operating in the kingdom A new media law that will extend the old law's oversight to online and broadcasting is also being reviewed by the kingdom's advisory Shoura Council--a king-appointed body that is Saudi Arabia's closest thing to a parliament.
The meeting, which hosted Sayyid Numair bin Salim al Said, Director of Publications and Publishing Department at the Ministry of Information, Shaikh Saif bin Hashil al Maskari, Chairman of the Cultural Club, Said bin Mohammed al Saqlawi, Head of the National Programme Committee for the Subsidy of Books at the Cultural Club and Hassan bin Obaid al Matroushi, Executive Director of the Cultural Club, discussed the draft publication and publishing law, which is expected to be referred to the Majlis Ash shura by the Council of Ministers.
Said bin Mohammed al-Saqlawi, Head of the National Program Committee for the Subsidy of Book at the Cultural Club and Hassan bin Obaid al-Matroushi, Executive Director of the Cultural Club, discussed the draft publication and publishing law, which is expected to be referred to the Majlis A'Shura by the Council of Ministers.

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