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Pulse amplitude and pulse width threshold tests using Automatic threshold test were performed to all patients.
The LAPG non-sequential scanner is more comfortable, more uniform, less tedious, and achieves higher fluences and shorter pulse widths than large- field hair removal devices.
It delivers current pulses variable from 20A to 225A, pulse widths variable from 25 microseconds to 5 milliseconds, with rise times and fall times of 5 microseconds to 1 millisecond, and pulse repetition frequencies variable from single shot to 5 KHz with duty cycles limited by total power dissipation.
In addition to the proton pulse width of about 1 [micro]s at the SNS, further time broadening is introduced by the neutron moderation process.
Power consumption of the MK1031GAS is approximately 20 percent lower on average than the company's current drive(a) due to pulse width modulation (PWM) that controls disk rotation speed by switching the power supply to the spindle motor on and off at a controlled frequency.
RVSI) (Nasdaq: ROBV) today said that its Northeast Robotics (NER) division, has introduced a new line of compact and versatile lighting control modules to simplify the adjustment of light intensity or strobe pulse width.