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Even though Hurricane Irene missed the major pulse points of the East Coast just a year earlier, business' Sandy preparation was based on a high-wind event, leaving many businesses exposed to storm surge flooding.
I picked him up and checked all his pulse points and there was nothing.
Each of the book's well-organized ten chapters ends with Pulse Points that reiterate the most valuable information conveyed in the preceding pages.
Roll this mix of snooze inducing lavender, bergamot and ylang ylang essential oils over your pulse points to get you in the perfect mood for peaceful sleep.
Apply it at pulse points - back of wrists, groove inside elbow, behind the ears
The manikin has spontaneous respiration, 12 active pulse points, oral and nasal intubation, break-out teeth, moveable eyelids and silicone head skin that allows the mouth to open naturally.
Mazin suggests aids try pulse points such as your inner elbow or behind the ear.
Checking pulse points in the arms and legs, for instance, can indicate possible blockages if the pulse seems weak or absent.
Applying scent to pulse points, such as your inside wrists, behind your knees, in the crook of your arm and the small of our back (not a pulse point I know) will intensify even the smallest amount of fragrance.
One tried and true method is to wet your wrists and other pulse points with cold water, and then keep those spots cool by holding an ice cube wrapped in a face cloth against them.
The new treatment available in Llandudno uses low level lasers to stimulate pulse points in a similar way to the ancient Chinese therapy of acupuncture.