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A large pulse point in the neck is used to tell if a person's heart is beating--no pulse here?
Pulse points in the foot can tell you about how healthy a person's leg arteries are.
PERFUME TIPS YOU'VE experimented with a new sunshine-inspired scent, now forget the traditional pulse point application and try different means of flaunting your new fragrance to the max.
A new fragrance always lifts the spirits but don't confine it to your pulse points - spray a cloud into the air and walk through it as hair holds scent really well.
Reebok president Paul Harrington said: "Scarlett embodies the pulse points of our brand - individuality, authenticity and a life lived to the full.
This little stick contains exotic essential oils like frankincense, may chang and peppermint which you rub on to your pulse points.
Most women - 70% - claim to have a ``signature scent'' and most of us put our perfume on the neck, rather than other pulse points.
Shake well and apply to the pulse points behind the ears, wrists, and knees.
I think people who are in that business understand pulse points,'' Prescott said of the pollsters.
Just roll across your pulse points for a stimulating boost of grapefruit, bergamot mint and lemon leaf.
If you're using the convenient refillable 10ml glass spray bottle, take 2 sprays orally or on the pulse points four times a day.