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But I think Scholes will be in the history as a phenomenal player, but not as a pundit.
He answered: 'No, it's too much responsibility, so I prefer to be a pundit and you can say whatever you want and nothing happens'.
Our next two annuity video articles will get to what we see as the meat of all the controversy: It's not the annuity products the pundits actually hate, it's the annuity commissions
You have to expect that Bellamy the pundit could prove to be the same as Bellamy the player, wearing his heart on his sleeve, not pulling any punches and being prepared to rattle a few cages.
Insight from the Carlsberg Fan Squad found supporters are bored with the run of the mill cliches and sit-on-thefence pundits who are more interested in protecting their employment opportunities.
The JI delegation also presented the cake and flower banquet to the pundits and expressed their sincere wishes to entire Hindu community on Diwali.
Family, friends and colleagues contribute to this affectionate and banter-filled tribute to the King Of The Pundits, below, which looks back on the exultant peaks and desolate dark days of a career that started at Partick Thistle alongside his brother John.
Wenger, who admits he is a regular watcher of the BBC's flagship football show, said he pays no attention to pundits who cannot back up their argument other than not liking Arsenal.
The majority of pundits have attacked him for dropping Brian O'Driscoll, and picking Jonathan Davies to partner fit-again Jamie Roberts in the centre.
Celebrities make great pundits because we are fascinated by all things celebrity.
This week: How did the pollsters and pundits get it so wrong in B.