Pure Speech

Pure Speech

Written and spoken words that fall within the scope of protection provided by the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Pure speech and other types of communication, such as picketing and Symbolic Speech or speech plus, that involve conveying an idea or message through behavior, are safeguarded by the Constitution against Arbitrary and unreasonable interference by the government. This right of freedom of expression is not, however, absolute. Pure speech and other communications are not protected if they present a Clear and Present Danger to society or if they constitute libel, Obscenity, or slander.


Freedom of Speech.

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This ritual was one of purification, providing the devotee with pure speech, a necessity on the path to reach enlightenment.
than clearly distinguishing pure speech from lawmaking activity, Chief
but rather as pure speech on issues of public concern.
Standardized by the 3GPP for mobile multimedia hi-fi audio compression, AMR-WB+ delivers unrivaled sound quality across all types of audio, including pure music, pure speech, speech between music and speech over music, at remarkably low bit rates ranging from 7 kbps - 48 kbps in both stereo and mono operation.
The provision of medical advice - whether it be that the patient take aspirin or vitamin C, lose or gain weight, exercise or rest, smoke or refrain from smoking marijuana - is not pure speech.
In the edited volume, If Buckley Fell, New York State University Law Professor Burr Neuborne laments: "At some point, uncontrolled, massive political spending stops being pure speech and becomes an exercise in power.
Consistent with many state access laws and the federal Freedom of Information Act, which do not consider journalism to be a commercial activity, United Reporting argued its publishing business wasn't commercial at all, but pure speech, entitled to the highest level of First Amendment protection.
The 9th Circuit made short work of the pure speech argument, finding that United Reporting sells arrest information to clients, "nothing more.
It slipped into the novella, the treatise, and the essay, into poetry and the theater; it was public and private, political and personal; and it straddled the critical space between the old myth (so clear to the rhetoricians) of language as natural and pure speech and the unsettling recognition (usually urged by the poets) of the mysteries and obscurities of textual metamorphosis.
7) Gellman grossly mistates my position when she claims that I posit "there is no First Amendment issue" unless the hate crime enhancement is for an offense that "entail pure speech or expressive conduct.
17) For example, the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit recently stated that the decision to "speak in a language other than English [implicates] pure speech concerns .
Certainly, error reduction is welcome, as always, but the most significant improvements are those that move Nuance Recognizer beyond pure speech recognition and into the realm of spoken language understanding.