Pure debt

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PURE DEBT. In Scotland, this name is given to a debt actually due, in contradistinction to one which is to become due at a future day certain, which is called a future debt: and one due provisionally, in a certain event, which is called a contingent debt. 1 Bell's Com. 315, 5th ed.

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Companies need to broaden their financing options beyond pure debt or pure equity and gain an appreciation of the more diverse options available to them depending upon their growth strategies.
However, FMPs are pure debt funds and mostly managed passively.
We might go to the market with a pure debt product at some point in the future.
OB), a provider of enterprise-class wireless broadband products and services, announced on Thursday today that it has finalised and signed a pure debt financing agreement with Dakota Capital Fund LLC for an initial round of financing of up to USD3.
Colombia's creditworthiness is backed by its record of macroeconomic stability, brisk liability management, pure debt service record, comparatively conservative fiscal policies and greater institutional strength in comparison to peers, Fitch explained.
The dashed line lists the payoff for the pure debt and equity case.
Correlation coefficients consistently show that straight noninvestment-grade bonds trade nearly as much like stocks as pure debt instruments.