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The hallmark of PCA is severe loss of cerebellar Purkinje cells with relative preservation of other cerebellar neurons and the presence of inflammatory infiltrates in the cerebellar cortex, deep cerebellar nuclei, and inferior olivary nuclei (1, 4-6).
Zinc supplementation does not attenuate alcohol-induced cerebellar Purkinje cell loss during the brain growth spurt period.
In the cerebellar folia, degenerative and necrotic Purkinje cells with their associated necrotic dentritic spheroids in the molecular layer were positive for BoAstV-NeuroS1 (Figure 7).
Purkinje cell size is reduced in cerebellum of patients with autism.
2003, Purkinje cell vulnerability and autism: a possible etiological connection, Brain & Development, 25: 377-382.
Antioxidant pretreatment does not ameliorate alcohol-induced Purkinje cell loss in the developing rat cerebellum.
Length changes in dendritic networks of cerebellar Purkinje cells of old rats after chronic ethanol treatment.
This maintains their synaptic connections with dendrites of Purkinje cells, large nerves in the cerebellum that send information to other parts of the brain.
Looking closely at these cells, they found two nuclei -- one from the original Purkinje cell and one from the fused bone marrow cell.
It has been revealed only recently that BDE-209 inhibits thyroid-hormone-induced dendrite arborization of rat Purkinje cells, probably via partial dissociation of thyroid receptors from the binding domain on the thyroid-receptor-responsive element (Ibhazehiebo et al.
PBDEs significantly suppressed TH-induced Purkinje cell dendrite arborization.
Although the number of Purkinje cells was unchanged following the complex motor training, the increased volume of the paramedian lobule of the cerebellar cortex and the increased number of parallel fiber synapses per Purkinje cell were sufficient anatomical changes to result in improved motor skills.