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BackWeb's push technology will support DigitalSquare's Content server, which maintains current product information for customers, and is a key component in DigitalSquare's patent-pending Digital Content Vending, Delivery and Maintenance System.
As such, there is a tremendous opportunity for companies to adopt Direct Push Technology and empower their mobile workforces with wireless email.
With BackWeb's Polite push technology as the delivery method from the Push Application Server, even media-rich content can be pushed to users with no effect on the performance of other network applications such as email and browsing.
Unlike passive forms of traditional online software distribution, in which computer users manually download software with their web browser, SecureCast's push technology proactively and automatically delivers software to Web users without manual intervention.
The T-Mobile Dash also supports the Messaging and Security Feature Pack with Direct Push Technology out-of-the-box, providing instant e-mail and enhanced security features (that let you wipe a device if stolen or require high-security passwords to access information).
There are no other push technology companies we see doing that," said Gary Gunnerson, Technology Chief at USA Today.
Support for Direct Push Technology ensures that the device automatically receives new e-mail and other PIM data from a company's Exchange Server.
At Ford Motor Company, which uses Fakespace displays in its Virtual Reality for Automotive Applications project, Project Leader Ray Byrnes had these comments about the PUSH technology.
Direct Push Technology provides Windows Mobile customers with another option for secure and scalable mobile e-mail on their devices," said Chris Hill, Windows Mobile Group Product Manager at Microsoft.
Nasdaq:PALM) today announced a software update for the Palm(R) Treo(TM) 700w smartphone from Verizon Wireless that will enable the Windows Mobile Messaging and Security Feature Pack (MSFP), which includes Direct Push Technology.
This fully comprehensive and integrated suite of digital marketing solutions includes patented streaming video technology, an automated e-mail engine, an exclusive push technology to drive Web traffic and a Lead Capture Suite; all designed to help auto dealers attract, close and retain more customers.
Push technology was regarded as the industry "Holy Grail" before the tech boom but was never implemented in a manner that created mass adoption.