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AVOID PROCRASTINATION Putting things off such as walking to the shops to buy fresh food for your healthy meals will do nothing to help your weight loss so act now rather than tomorrow.
I blame the Filipino's propensity for putting things off until the deadline.
Presenting a report setting out a series of recommendations for the new station, Cathays councillor Simon Wakefield said: "If we keep putting things off then it will never happen.
Are we checking off our list of hopes and dreams, our "bucket list," or are we just putting things off because we are too busy and overwhelmed?
joy of putting things off, kissing, tying a shoe, learning to tell time,
In the long run, putting things off will cost you more money, require more consultants, and create greater time pressure.
Plus anything we did do just got wrecked by the boys, so we kept putting things off.
If you've been putting things off, perhaps the upcoming summer months will provide you with the time you need to do at least a few key things.
Putting things off is a natural urge that's generally impossible to resist.
When she became unwell, we decided there was no use putting things off until tomorrow.
Procrastination, or putting things off until the last possible moment, is the way lots of students function.

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