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radio host Rush Limbaugh attacked Pope views as 'dramatically, embarrassingly, puzzlingly wrong' and described the Argentinian pontiff's economics as 'pure Marxism'.
The few friends was actually a couple of hundred, and everyone I spoke to believed they'd puzzlingly been considered part of Jamie's inner circle, including me - to be fair I've got all his books and have his fish fingers in my freezer, so I'm defo a bezzie.
Lastly, and most puzzlingly, the lack of any Indian reference in the title of the collection raises a number of questions about the editorial or marketing decision to call this a "Book of English Poetry" when its avowed focus is obviously poets who are either Indian or of Indian descent.
Puzzlingly, this remains the case despite respondents stating that top management and the board's third-largest risk management goal should be to "align risk appetite with strategy.
No less than five managers have either pulled out the running or distanced themselves from the rumors, with Rodgers, De Boer, Jurgan Klopp, Didier Deschamps and puzzlingly Andres Villas Boas dispelling rumors of their intentions to apply for the job.
It is the lowest emission version of the French firm's popular small hatchback - achieved with a combination of efficient engine technologies, energy saver tyres and improving the aerodynamics - although they puzzlingly continue to eschew the start-stop technology which is now par for the course on many rivals' greenest models.
While a host of Premier League rivals who lack the history, fanbase and grandeur of Everton - England's fourth most decorated side - have been sold, there has puzzlingly been little interest in the Blues ( apart from a bloke in a one-bedroom flat and a Manchester inventor).
And he puzzlingly added: " I am not interested in owning Hearts FC.
He travelled nicely out wide until his jockey puzzlingly switched towards the unfavoured inside rail turning into the straight, the pair staying on at one pace for fourth with the first three home having come towards the stands' side.
Rumored to be their "vibes manager," Taka Imamura, a longtime friend of the group, was made puzzlingly but wonderfully an official member and can be heard offering the invocation--"I can hear everything.
Meanwhile, Utset examines the collective social relationships that coexist alongside corporate entities and can accelerate their success or demise, seemingly with equal ease and puzzlingly similar probability.
Pakistan, July 15 -- After almost 14 months spent incognito, Iranian scientist Shahram Amiri has puzzlingly turned up at the Pakistani embassy in Washington.