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In time domain analysis, SAECG QRS complex duration has been considered an important risk stratification tool, limited only by the presence of bundle branch blocks (22,25).
6(iii) through a five point derivative to obtained information on slope of QRS complex and to overcome the baseline drift problem.
This is manifest as a P wave followed by a long PR interval before the QRS complex.
The T wave represents the ventricular repolarization, being that its polarity is mainly opposed to the main vector of QRS complex and always positive in leads II, III, and aVF.
The ECG showed sinus rhythm with widened QRS complex (160 ms) at 1.
1] is misplaced by 1 intercostal space, the morphology of the QRS complex may be altered and ventricular tachycardia could be misinterpreted as supraventricular tachycardia.
The HFQRS-ECG software algorithms measure, in real time, signals present in the QRS complex, or heart muscle depolarization phase, of the electrocardiogram.
The QRS complex showed a right bundle branch block pattern with left ventricular enlargement.
This trial was designed to determine whether cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillators (implanted by electrophysiologists or cardiologists) would reduce the risk of death or heart failure events in patients with mild cardiac symptoms, a reduced ejection fraction, and a wide QRS complex.
The beginning of the QRS complex was used as the reference point and the time to peak systolic longitudinal strain was quantified for each papillary muscle (Fig.