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QUADRIPARTITE. Having four parts, or divided into four parts; as, this indenture quadripartite made between A B, of the one part, C D, of the second part, E P, of the third part, and G H, of the fourth part.

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Further, MILF Chair Murad said he was not opposed to a quadripartite meeting, adding it could strengthen the final shape of the Philippine government -- MILF framework agreement.
He hoped that the quadripartite committee would adopt the EU statement which was issued on December 8.
In 1948, however, the Soviets refused to participate any longer in the quadripartite administration of Germany.
The announcement came at the first round of the quadripartite meeting of Ministers of Trade and Economy of the four countries held in Istanbul on Saturday.
It's no time to sit with the 1986-87 brass tack (be it I or II) or the 2003 strategic Quadripartite Alliance, or with the myths of strategic depth, because with the changing ground realities, perceptions and actions need to transform.
This philosophy is consistent with the unified E3 protection approach discussed in Quadripartite Standardization Agreement (QSTAG) 1051.
As Mosko observes this gives rise to a quadripartite structure with four main categories that is replicated throughout (Bush) Mekeo culture (1985:3).
Gration also attended on Sunday a quadripartite meeting in Cairo with the participation of Egypt and Libyan foreign ministers and the Sudanese Presidential Adviser in charge with Darfur dossier.
A quadripartite strategic dialogue among the United States, Japan, Australia, and India has been under consideration and may yet materialize.
The four-typology or quadripartite model of parental socialization emerged from the theoretical work of Maccoby and Martin (1983), in which they reviewed Baumrind's (1967, 1971) initial tripartite model--authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive parenting--proposing a new two-dimensional framework of parental socialization in which the dimensions, responsiveness and demandingness, were theoretically orthogonal (Darling & Steinberg, 1993, pp.
Most notably, coordinated action by the Commons Foreign Affairs and Quadripartite committees contributed to a partial ban on cluster munitions in the UK armed forces; and Britain broke with the US to sign the Oslo Declaration against their use (now taken further in the Dublin Declaration.
Cooper sections the activities of this new media form into a quadripartite typology that he uses to interpret and analyze how its practitioners patrol the airwaves, pages and Web sites of mainstream journalism:
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