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QUADROON. A person who is descended from a white person, and another person who has an equal mixture of the European and African blood. 2 Bailey, 558. Vide Mulatto.

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These novels are Miralda; or, The Beautiful Quadroon (1860-1861), Clotelle: A Tale of the Southern States (1864), and Clotelle; or, The Colored Heroine (1867).
By definition, a New Orleans quadroon 'was a woman who was one-quarter black.
A quadroon is one-fourth Black and three-fourths white, a sambo one-fourth white and three-fourths Black, etc.
27) A creation of American feminist abolitionist Lydia Maria Child, the tragic mulatta figure became well known through Child's "The Quadroons," published in The Liberty Bell in 1842 (anthologized in her Fact and Fiction, 1846), and her "Slavery's Pleasant Homes" (1843).
An early scene shows Philippe attending a quadroon ball, where young women of color are shown off to potential rich white suitors.
in the Caribbean and the American South, such as Black, Mulatto, Quadroon, Octaroon, Misti ('High Yaller') - categories based on purported 'mixing of blood' from the parents.
I told you how they called me high yellow, yellow bitch, white honkey, honkey white, white nigger, nigger white, octaroon, quadroon, half breed mongrel.
The world seeps around each plate's edge, dark turned back by the wavering breath of the light you saw - quadroon, shadow, stocking and skin layered over like emulsion on glass: her vision of herself, yours of hers, the printmaker's of yours, mine of his - light's archeology.
Like the keys on a piano, or the variegated shades of the spectrum, each character's color stands out--black, mahogany, ebony, jet, mulatto, quadroon, octoroon, Creole black and white, high yellow ("yellow is mellow").
If the prospective bidders had any doubts, they would strip them, especially the nice looking quadroon girls.
A sweeping grand staircase leads from the lobby to the restored historic Orleans Ballroom - once the site of the infamous Quadroon balls.
We see that the mixed-race woman is subjected to abuse and abandonment and succumbs to death through suicide, or murder in the case of the quadroon Clotel.