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QUAESTOR. The name of a magistrate of ancient Rome.

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Quaestor is suspected of issuing bonds for up to 150 billion forints ($524 million) above its issuance program of 60 billion forints ($210 million).
He showed impressive political insight, great determination and, despite constant opposition, became quaestor in 68 BC, curule aedilis in 65 BC, pontifex maximus (religious leader) in 63 BC, and eventually consul in 59 BC.
Folly Bridge confirmed the promise of her debut for owner John Deer last month but had her odds-on supporters sweating as she made hard work of getting to the rail-running leader Quaestor.
Quoth Quentin, "'Quite quaint quean Quintrelle, Qua quaestor, 'quods' quirks quirts'd quell
He is then posted to Sicily as a quaestor but then becomes famous for prosecuting the criminal former governor of that province.
n) In fact, the canon lawyer Julian wrote volumes concerning public power under the title, On the Office of Quaestor.
In the 30s CE he became an advocate and quaestor (a kind of treasurer) while developing a reputation as an orator, one significant enough that he had to withdraw from public life when he incited the jealousy of Caligula.
We have asked an independent research company called Quaestor to conduct the survey on our behalf.
And then there's Quaestor, an NT-based retail banking company; Bangalore, India-based software house, Synectics Group; and Delog Conseil, a French banking, insurance and financial services sector IT consulting firm.
He said, 'We have a very clear reading of the EBRD memorandum of understanding with the Hungarian government and it is very apparent that the handling of the Quaestor case is a clear breach of that memorandum of understanding.