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QUAESTOR. The name of a magistrate of ancient Rome.

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The EP is elected for five years, but the term of office for president, vice-presidents, quaestors and committee chairs is two-and-a-half years.
The European Parliament has six quaestors to look after the financial and administrative needs of its members.
will the President ask the Quaestors (MEPs in charge of rules) whether or not they feel that the above member's salary and office expenses should be suspended during his sojourn in the jungle?
Lesser extraordinary magistracies were duoviri investigating high treason, (74) quaestors investigating parricide or other capital offences, (75) the prefect in charge of the grain supply, quinqueviri in charge of the banking, (76) duoviri in charge of the fleet, (77) the prefect of the fire brigade, (78) and the like.