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The training covered theoretical foundations of qualitative research, common qualitative data gathering tools, development of skills on the use of data collection techniques and development of appropriate tools for specific data collection techniques.
Qualitative research methods explain processes, that is, "what is going on here" or patterns of human behavior.
She is not blind to the fact that there are debates among researches relative to the utility of "principled" ethics in qualitative research on one hand and its indispensability on the other.
Indeed, if deployed in an unsophisticated and technocratic way, there is a danger of fragmentation and over-simplification of qualitative research (Bryman and Bell 2003; Jack and Westwood 2006) that harms the 'story' rather than making the reader believe in it (Golden-Biddle and Locke 2007).
Three of these consisted of didactic sessions designed to explain the underlying principles of qualitative research, the specifics of visual qualitative inquiry, and the use of data analysis software.
Those who favor the inductive approach want qualitative research to assure the comings and goings between data collection and analysis, between the field and the theory.
In a similar vein, Denzin (2009) argues that the production of qualitative research should be viewed as a performance within which the third party is permitted to watch rather than to become a part of, in contrast to the treatment of research as a 'commodity' to be packaged and sold.
The book raises a number of interesting questions that strike at the heart of qualitative research and, indeed, at the nature of research itself in accounting.
Qualitative research is becoming increasingly well understood and utilised by physiotherapists, and this book makes a very welcome addition to what is a relatively discrete field.
With this handbook, which is based on a qualitative metasynthesis project supported by grants from the National Institute of Nursing Research, Margarete Sandelowski and Julie Barroso have constructed a roadmap for transforming qualitative research findings into research synthesis.
Qualitative research is excluded from most prominent hierarchies because qualitative and quantitative research have different underlying philosophies, methods, and criteria for judging quality.

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