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QUARRY. A place whence stones are dug for the purpose of being employed in building, making roads, and the like.
     2. When a farm is let with an open quarry, the tenant may, when not restrained by his contract, take out the stone, but he has no right to open new quarries. Vide Mines. Waste.

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The LinkUp program team will help Quarry Tile find new markets for its Eco-Tile line.
It now produces tiles for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, including glazed, porcelain and quarry tiles.
A The black tar is probably bitumen, which was used to stick the vinyl to the quarry tiles.
Q HOW can I lay quarry tiles over the uneven old wooden floorboards in our kitchen?
Q: Scrub Free that was dripped on quarry tiles left light spots on the tile.
The timber-framed structure around three sides of the atrium encloses a series of free-flowing spaces elegantly conceived in black, white and silver with floors of warm quarry tiles.
The unbroken roof line, the ridge skylight running the length of the house, and quarry tiles used everywhere underfoot all contribute to the sense of spaciousness.
From reclaimed mahogany to French quarry tiles, solid oak and marble, there is no compromise on quality in this property.