Quarter sessions

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QUARTER SESSIONS. A court bearing this name, mostly invested with the trial of criminals. It takes its name from sitting quarterly or once in three months.
     2. The English courts of quarter sessions were erected during the reign of Edward III. Vide Stat. 36 Edward III. Crabb's Eng. L. 278.

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That playing was more than a holiday activity, and perhaps more than a seasonal activity, is seemingly confirmed by Pant's complaint at the Topcliffe Quarter Sessions (1610) regarding his shoemaker's apprenticeship to Simpson.
District Court of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace (Jan.
20) But whereas in the first two examples the matter did not proceed to a formal jury trial before the quarter sessions, in King's case the record notes that he was committed to the House of Correction.
The first Court of Quarter Sessions was held at Kingston on 14 April 1789.
Flintshire Record Office will receive more than pounds 17,000 to conserve and digitise records from the Courts of Quarter Sessions.
Today marked the final sitting of the Northumberland Quarter Sessions at Newcastle's Moot Hall, bringing the curtain down on 600 years of history but in what year?
Most barristers had to piece together a living through appearances at Quarter Sessions, utilize their London connections to establish a practice in the variety of metropolitan customary courts, or win positions as bankruptcy commissioners.
Wroth's actions as JP are also recorded in the Essex Quarter Sessions Rolls and Essex Assize Files, both in Essex Public Record Office, Chelmsford, Essex.
The research base of the book comprises the records of the Middlesex and Westminster courts of quarter sessions which are virtually complete for the era.
Prisoner was committed for trial at the Liverpool Quarter Sessions.
Dow, who pleaded not guilty and elected to be tried by jury, was committed to Cardiff Quarter Sessions.
1970 A FORMER pupil of Newcastle Royal Grammar School today made legal history when the Quarter Sessions opened at the Moot Hall.