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QUAY, estates. A wharf at which to load or land goods, sometimes spelled key.
     2. In its enlarged sense the word quay, means the whole space between the first row of houses of a city, and the sea or river 5 L. R. 152, 215. So much of the quay as is requisite for the public use of loading and unloading vessels, is public property, and cannot be appropriated to private use, but the rest may be, private property. Id. 201.

References in classic literature ?
I wished good-night to these two and left the cafe for the fresh air and the dark spaciousness of the quays augmented by all the width of the old Port where between the trails of light the shadows of heavy hulls appeared very black, merging their outlines in a great confusion.
But he caught sight on the quay of a heavy seaman's chest, painted brown under a fringed sailcloth cover, and lashed with new manila line.
But at the moment a couple of carriages and a slow-moving cart interposed, and suddenly he turned sharp to the left, following the quay again, but now away from the lake.
Mazarin endeavored to circulate among the people a report that troops had only been stationed on the quays and on the Pont Neuf, on account of the ceremonial of the day, and that they would soon withdraw.
Keeping in the shadows of the great monoliths that line the Avenue of Quays of sleeping Aaanthor, he approached the plaza.
Then Thar Ban vaulted to the back of his thoat, Thuvia of Ptarth still in his arms, and with a savage cry of triumph disappeared down the black canyon of the Avenue of Quays between the sullen palaces of forgotten Aaanthor.
The whole city, high and low, the quays bordering the Patapsco, the ships lying in the basins, disgorged a crowd drunk with joy, gin, and whisky.
Fears had been raised that Connah's Quay Swimming Pool would be forced to close after cash-strapped Flintshire County Council was hit by huge budget cuts - having to save almost PS53m over three years.
The development of the Commissioners Quay Inn, on the town's Quay Road, will see 35 new jobs created when it opens next year.
The requirements are for the undertaking of construction of cross berth quay at dublin port (part of the alexandra basin redevelopment project).
Bill Quay Community Farm was a casualty of Gateshead Council's PS38m package of cuts put in place in 2012 and has since relied on charitable donations and grant funding.
WITH its stunning waterfront setting, more than 30 fabulous restaurants, cafes and bars serving cuisines from around the world, Mermaid Quay is the perfect place to treat your valentine to a romantic day or night out.