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QUAY, estates. A wharf at which to load or land goods, sometimes spelled key.
     2. In its enlarged sense the word quay, means the whole space between the first row of houses of a city, and the sea or river 5 L. R. 152, 215. So much of the quay as is requisite for the public use of loading and unloading vessels, is public property, and cannot be appropriated to private use, but the rest may be, private property. Id. 201.

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Then Thar Ban vaulted to the back of his thoat, Thuvia of Ptarth still in his arms, and with a savage cry of triumph disappeared down the black canyon of the Avenue of Quays between the sullen palaces of forgotten Aaanthor.
She brought an unusual number of passengers, some of whom remained on deck to scan the picturesque panorama of the town, while the greater part disembarked in the boats, and landed on the quay.
This stranger was walking up and down absorbed in the marked contemplation of the ship's fore and aft trim; but when I saw him squat on his heels in the slush at the very edge of the quay to peer at the draught of water under her counter, I said to myself, "This is the captain.
The marshal made no attempt to force that barrier and returned up the quay.
Work on the first three acres of Manor Quays, an eight-acre mixed-use business site on Pleck Road, fronting the ring road in Walsall, has boosted the scheme.
TYNE SHIPPING MOVEMENTS Arrivals Date/Time Name From To 2709 0845 Princess Seaways Ijmuiden RoRo 3 2709 1200 City of St Petersburg St Petersburg TCT 2 T 2709 2200 City of Rotterdam Amsterdam TCT 1T1 2809 0630 Black Watch Sea Northumbrian Quay 2809 0845 King Seaways Ijmuiden RoRo 3 2809 0900 Kornett Helsingborg Cont Term T Emden RoRo 3/4 2809 1159 City of Amsterdam Rotterdam TCT 1T1 2809 1900 Hoegh Africa 2809 2159 River Trader Sea Anchorage Sailings Date/Time Name From To 2709 1159 HMS Trumpeter Tslip T Sea 2709 1159 HMS Example Hillgate Quay Sea 2809 1159 HMS Explorer Royal Quays Sea 2809 1430 City of St Petersburg TCT 2 T 2 Amsterdam 2809 1630 Black Watch La Coruna Northumbrian Quay 2809 1700 King Seaways RoRo 3 Ijmuiden 2809 1930 City of Rotterdam TCT 1T1 Zeebrugge
On the quays and in the immediately subsequent storage cellars of the Speicherstadt significant damage were observed on both the water side and in the inner region of the storage building.
The loss of the 378 car spaces is at the Gateshead Quays 2 site.
After the dock went into decline, it was acquired by the Tyne Wear Development Corporation as part of the major Royal Quays regeneration programme involving new housing and shopping centre.
Savills, on behalf of the Exchange Quay Master Trust, has begun marketing Exchange Quay at Salford Quays in Manchester for a guide price of Au32.
Their votes will then be recorded through an electronic voting system and fed back into creating a statement about both quays.
Western Quay, one of several smaller quays making up North Shields Fish Quay, on which 1,200 jobs depend, safeguards the livelihoods of fishermen and business people, and is important to a renaissance underway there.