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QUIT CLAIM, conveyancing. By the laws of Connecticut, it is the common practice there for the owner of land to execute a quit claim deed to a purchaser who has neither possession nor pretence of claim, and as by the laws of that state the delivery of the deed amounts to the delivery of possession, this operates as a conveyance without warranty. It is, however, essential that the land should not, at the time of the conveyance, be in the possession of a stranger, holding adversely to the title of the grantor. l Swift's Dig. 133; 2 N. H. R. 402; 1 Cowen, 613; and vide Release.

QUIT CLAIM, contracts. A release or acquittal of a man from all claims which the releasor has against him.

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In other business the board approved a quit claim deed for a 1.
He also signed over a quit claim deed to the house before going to prison in 1988 on a seven-year sentence for assaulting a building inspector.
1) A notarized Quit Claim deed for all rights, interest and title to 51 lode Mining Claims which the Company recorded at the BLM office in Phoenix, Arizona and at Mohave County in Kingman, Arizona.
He further prepared, signed, and filed a false sworn affidavit to correct deficiencies in a quit claim deed.
Typically, a title company will require the spouse to sign a quit claim deed at closing to foreclose the opportunity of the spouse to later claim an interest in the property.
825,000, Naneco has purchased by Quit Claim Deed, the unencumbered title to this property.