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The 3rd Degree allows players to play a 10-question quiz game using their mobile devices for texting answers to trivia questions displayed on television screen of a restaurant or bar.
The women enjoyed breakfast served by the men's breakfast club, then moved to the sanctuary for devotions and a quiz game based on the theme.
Several interactive opportunities are also available, including a quiz game in which students may engage.
Use it to set up a quiz game with friends, or flip through the questions by yourself to become an expert on Canadian history and culture.
The company, which saw it's mobile version of the quiz game Trivial Pursuit(TM) Mobile Edition reach number two in the official UK mobile games chart in November 2004 (a), has witnessed downloads soar for games which are not aimed at the traditional console gamer.
com)-- Another in line of high quality games for iOS and Android has been released by Webelinx, called Movie Quiz Game 3D, a game created for challenging movie knowledge and testing racing capabilities simultaneously.
Today, they may think Jeremy Kyle is Lord Chief Justice and presides over live public humiliations, that EastEnders is real life and that Prime Minister's Question Time is a quiz game.
This popular four-player movie-related quiz game is great for gathering round the box, whether you are armed with the Buzz controllers or just standard controllers.
The original quiz game that launched a thousand clones becomes another hit for inXile's Sparkworkz(TM)
uk/competitions - plus a new quiz game, Alan Hansen's Sports Challenge