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Roger was straight on the phone to Stuart when he was, quote unquote, 'sacked' and said that he wasn't particularly happy "Rachel got the call from Roger "Stu was so proud of his drumming, thought it was some of the best he'd done," smiled Jones.
In a 1996 interview in the now defunct publication Quote Unquote, she declared: "I don't want to be easily digestible.
Besides, how come I'm always exposed to the awful scrawlings of bloated, spraycan lettering on walls, but never see the clever stuff read out on Radio 4's Quote Unquote, such as: "I think therefore I am - Descartes, I am therefore I do - Nietzsche, Do be do be do - Frank Sinatra"?
Giving the inside story on the war, former British ambassador to the US Chris Meyer reveals: "Blair's real concern was that there would be quote unquote 'a knee-jerk reaction' by the Americans.
With pace all over the track - Butterfly Bud, Hotham, Northern Chorus, Lynda-lee, Midnight Pearl, Quote Unquote, Trombone Tom, Bold Tiger and Martharum all like to lead - this race could be set up for a closer.