QUOUSQUE. A Latin adverb, which signifies how long, how far, until.
     2. In old conveyances it is used as a word of limitation. 10 Co. 41.
     3. In practice it is the name of an execution which is to have force until the defendant shall do a certain thing. Of this kind is the capias ad satisfaciendum, by virtue of which the body of the defendant is taken into execution, and he is imprisoned until be shall satisfy the execution. 3 Bouv. Inst. n. 3371.

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Over time "the motive for anger is gradually weakened until it is dissipated [Et ideo causa irae per tempus paulatim diminuitur quousque totaliter tollatur]" (ST I-II q.
9 are 'dies' and 'munus': 'et experrecta sum, et cognoui fratrem meum laborare, sed fidebam me profuturam labori eius, et orabam pro eo omnibus diebus quousque transiuimus in carcerem castrensem.
1:16: "Secundo si linea, a, b, remanente puncto a, immobili circumduceretur quousque b, veniret in c, ortus est triangulus, si perficitur circumductio quousque b, redeat ad initium ubi incepit fit circulus.