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BlogPossible also uses high-end storage devices running in RAID 10, to ensure sites load fast and are highly redundant, and every site is backed up nightly to a remote data center.
It also supports RAID 5 and RAID 10 cards for businesses with additional storage or redundancy requirements.
RAID-DP provides higher protection and performance levels than RAID 10 without the high-capacity overhead.
Accelerated Recovery Through Pooled RAID 10 - With the ability to spread a LUN across multiple RAID controllers, the Pillar Axiom's implementation of distributed RAID 10 delivers industry-leading performance for Oracle applications that need higher write throughput performance.
The production system utilizes RAID 10 disk mirroring making all customer data fully redundant.
OLTP-type applications and Microsoft Exchange, for example, run up to 50 percent faster in write throughput traffic using Pooled RAID 10 when compared to RAID5 configurations.
2 Terabytes of RAID 10 storage for archiving event logs
The RAID system can be configured as a RAID 5 protected 3TB volume or a RAID 10 protected 2TB volume, depending on the level of fault tolerance and performance desired.