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With the low cost of even large capacity hard drives, RAID arrays are definitely worth investigating.
This means that in an UDMA/ATA RAID array there are a lot of interfaces and a lot of point-to-point cables and controllers.
Training includes setting up RAID arrays, swapping components, rebuilding arrays, simulating failures, and, most importantly, practicing what to do in the event of actual failures.
Here are a few things you'll want to know about your operating environment and RAID array that will help optimize I/O and throughput performance.
MediaVault RAID arrays deliver the highest levels of reliability and price/performance in their class, combining the latest 4Gb Fibre Channel and U320 SCSI technology with ATA disks in cost effective, attractive packaging to establish this product family as the solution of choice for thousands of digital media applications around the world.
While this process was ultimately effective, it could sometimes take weeks or months to yield results for larger RAID arrays.
IBM and EMC were among the leaders in migrating remote mirroring from system software to RAID arrays and Compaq has delivered remote mirroring on arrays for x86 servers.
The company recovers data in as little as 24 hours from all operating systems and storage media including hard drives, floppies, RAID arrays, NAS and SAN devices, tape, removable cartridges and digital camera media.
Self-tuning RAID arrays based on system manager specified storage policies are in their infancy, but will become a reality and significantly lower cost-of-storage-ownership.
LAS VEGAS -- --New features for MediaVault 4110 and 4210 RAID arrays provide expansion in reliability, availability, connectivity and serviceability that offer "Huge" advancements in 2K and 4K workflow performance
Fibre Channel storage is very similar to SCSI-based RAID arrays.
KOM Networks developed the e-WORM solution based on a patented technology, which transparently archives files to high-performance RAID arrays and other hard disks for long-term data retention.