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The controller (Model: ADSA3GX4R) has a MSRP of $95, which includes the SATA II PCI-X 4-port RAID controller, 1 standard height bracket, 1 low profile bracket, software CD, and user guide.
SAN FRANCISCO -- 3ware 9000 Series hardware RAID controllers deliver over 400 MB/sec performance with Linux Kernel 2.
This is when a RAID controller really works best; it detects the new drive and determines it is unformatted, and precedes to format the drive without anyone's intervention.
AMCC will demonstrate its industry leading technology in a RAID 6 performance shootout pitting 8-port versions of AMCC's 3ware 9650SE against a competing SATA II RAID controller.
The performance shootout will pit 8-port versions of AMCC's next generation technology against a competing SATA RAID controller and a SAS-based RAID controller.
InSpeed Technology allows RAID controller vendors to incorporate back-end switching in new storage server designs and turbo charge existing storage server designs and even existing storage servers via field upgrade, because InSpeed Technology can change a loop topology to a switched topology transparently to the firmware in the storage server.
Show attendees will observe a wide range of AMCC customers who will be demonstrating their digital broadcast solutions based on 3ware(R) RAID controllers.
This presents new challenges for RAID controller technology to address this phenomenon.
When Ultera introduced its optical RAID controller in June 2000 it was the product's best chance for a comeback.
The offerings include two 64-bit RAID controllers, the Adaptec SCSI RAID 3200S and 3400S, that feature a three-quarter size form factor and come in two and four-channel versions, respectively, and the Adaptec SCSI RAID 2100S, a single channel Ultra160 RAID controller.
RAID controller manufacturer ICP Vortex is now shipping 64-Bit PCI- Wide/Ultra 160 SCSI RAID Controllers with clustering support.