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No matter how you slice it, the T1000 is slow internally; however, it is comparable in speed to portables without RAM disk.
Its four-hour estimate of battery life was more accurate than the battery-low indicator, but it ties up 12K in memory and 17K of RAM disk.
Hence, if you have a hard disk and use a RAM disk, it will be drive D, and if you have one or two floppy drives, the next available letter is C.
The times were deduced from an experiment that wrote 10,000 such records, and the CPU time on the two micros is calculated from the write times to a RAM disk.
The experiment just shown was also run on the hardware cache where the read time of a file that is entirely in the cache was found to be identical to the RAM disk read time.
For file creation, the actual I/O wait percentage is about 30 percent as seen from the RAM disk comparison.
Note that the RAM disk serves as a fine lower bound on disk read times.