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The RBRVS contradicts the basic principle of private medicine, that the unit of practice is the individual patient, and that the medical service is personal and unstandardized.
163) It has also been suggested that RBRVS is destined to produce mis-valued codes and that overvalued codes will always lead to spending growth.
We do not examine the RBRVS rates, any other payers' systems, any other payments (for example payments to support medical or chronic disease management or a "medical home" (AAFP et al.
Medical Group Management Journal, Healthcare Financial Management, Group Practice Journal, Health Affairs), recommended the use of RBRVS as a cost accounting tool to: evaluate provider productivity, develop physician compensation policies, analyze third-party payer contracts, develop fee schedules, analyze costs, and benchmark against industry standards.
The key independent variable for tracing the slope of the marginal cost function is the difference between the actual Medicare fee and the fee implied by the original RBRVS methodology for each specific service.
Diffusion of Medicare's RBRVS and Related Physician Payment Policies.
The five RBRVS states studied were those in which fees are set at or below 125% of Medicare.
But the differing caps on different types of services was breaking apart the carefully constructed relative prices across various services that the RBRVS created.
If your rates are RBRVS plus 40% and the going market rate in your area is RBRVS plus 30%, then you will have to be willing to renegotiate or let that plan's patients go.
An air of uncertainty also suddenly exists around plans to implement the RBRVS by Jan.
Government control over physicians in our country consists of a combination of economic manipulation, laws allowing hospitals to abuse the peer-review process as a means of controlling physicians (sham peer review), and a multitude of other control measures (HIPAA, PECOS, NPI, SGR, RBRVS, balance-billing laws, and "correct coding" or "bundling" initiatives), which can best be described as death by a thousand paper cuts.
Despite the many anecdotal reports of widespread discontent and dissatisfaction with Medicare payment rules and administrative procedures among physicians and other providers paid under the Medicare Part B RBRVS, very few providers found private contracting attractive.