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The RDR marked a dramatic shift and adviser remuneration is now inextricably linked to the service given to the client.
The RDR will also attempt to eradicate much of the confusion surrounding the fees paid and the type of advice on offer.
RDR Books appealed the court ruling last month but withdrew the appeal on Thursday.
Rowling and the media company are trying to prevent publication of the Harry Potter Lexicon,' which Vander Ark and Michigan-based RDR had sought to publish last fall.
RDR lawyer David Hammer said yesterday: "We asked for Rowling and they said they would provide her.
Five years earlier, in 1998, when RDR was awarded the prior contract as the only 8(a) offerer, the contracting officer expressed concern with the lack of competition, noting that "it would be in the best interest of the government to re-compete this requirement at the earliest practical time.
GAO said State Department officials indicated they wanted RDR to continue to do the security work, so they did not compete the contract.
The RDR system provides a remote perimeter of defense in areas where there might be a threat of chemical or biological attacks.
Clashes between the two groups had taken 150 lives, most of them RDR supporters, by the end of 2000.
As matters turned out, the little campaigning that the RDR was able to do before Ouattara's call for an outright boycott, was done from a cell at the Agban milirary barracks where the RDR's campaign director, Ali Coulibaly, (arrested by the military) was allowed to address RDR supporters over his cellular phone.
In the light of above RDR is estimated for three time periods: For 1980s, recent past (1985-93) and Eighth Five-Year Plan period, (1993-98).
Over 50 proposals are contained in the RDR discussion document released by the Financial Services Board on November 7, 2014.