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REGI and COTER members agreed on the need to effectively connect the next generation of ESIF-supported investment plans to the actual challenges faced by regions and cities on the ground.
Contact: John Robertson, REGI, phone 800-665-4616, website http://www.
REGI has also agreed to grant Romania and Slovakia more time to spend the Structural Funds aid.
Like the CoR, REGI argues for greater flexibility in thematic concentration for the Structural Funds, giving regions and municipalities more leeway to adapt operational programmes to their special characteristics.
Lynn Petersen, Vice President of Marketing for REGI U.
REGI steering committee members have spent time researching, mapping and identifying strategies to advance the recommendations specified in the report.
There is a need for "commitments and signatures," explained the EPP group's coordinator for the REGI committee, Lambert van Nistelrooij.