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We are interested instead in analyzing the relationship between market characteristics, city racial characteristics, team racial characteristics, and capital put in place when a new sports facility is built.
Something of the complexity of skin-colour classification and the perception of racial characteristics is suggested by the theatrical masks of what are probably two negro women --flattened noses, unusually large lips-depicted on a south Italian vase of the 4th century (Fig.
Although correlation between racial characteristics and other characteristics may occur in the absence of a causal genetic influence on character, mere correlation between racial and other characteristics is occasionally adopted as the defining feature of racism, so that any assertion of an empirical relationship between beliefs or character traits and race is regarded as racist.
These two areas of the city were also selected for closer examination because of their different ethnic and racial characteristics.
Longworth wisely devotes much time to examining the Russians' racial characteristics and to anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, geography (of great importance), and social habits that have survived for centuries.
It seems that the chromosomes which cause physical racial characteristics are recessive in negroes and give way before white ones, so that their skins whiten and their hair untwists gradually; but the mental chromosomes remain dominant.
Census 2000 data (Maryland Department of Planning 2004) to describe the relationship between tract-level socioeconomic and racial characteristics and estimated cancer risk from exposure to air toxics.
Physical and racial characteristics may be very misleading in identifying cultures.
We go to French ballet, American ballet, and British ballet, all with marked racial characteristics.
How total would surveillance have to be among all Americans, if racial characteristics were eliminated?