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Powell exhorted blacks to seek "audacious power," which he said "begins with the stand-up-and-be-counted racial pride in being black and thinking black.
Skin color and "passing" are only briefly touched upon, but this could have been a good subject to problematize the ideas of racial pride versus the desire to pull away from the Black masses, and is yet another instance of the intersection of oppression for Black women.
King's racial pride and solidarity came from his father and his grandfather.
Yet their work was inevitably seized upon by the Third Reich, who intensified the Grimms' wholly innocent belief in a pure German folklore, turning the tales into a manual for instilling a sense of racial pride in children.
This is about more than mere racial pride or cultural affinity.
The music becomes the cover behind which the other characters hide to save themselves from confronting the racial pride and religious and political bigotry of the blind man.
If Black Canadians are to avoid elite accommodation we don't need platitudes about racial pride where reviewers simply covet ostentation or giddily gush over Black writers "hip self-assurance" (p.
lower middle, upper middle, elite) shares core values related to a strong work ethic, achievement orientation, racial pride, and adherence to mainstream American social norms (Sue & Sue, 2003).
You could live with racial pride as a Korean,'' she told Kyodo News in her Seoul apartment.
Mun Ja, whose education inculcated in her a sense of racial pride, graduated from a vocational school for Korean teachers and became an activist for Chongryun's repatriation program, which began in December 1959.
Afterwards, presumably, Jews can carry on their traditional position of dominance and control of society, but for the first time there will be no opposition, as the mongrelized population cannot assert racial pride, because by definition it can have none," writes Stele.
Racial pride became a higher priority as other so-called nonwhite populations attempted to organize to get their fair share of the post-Vietnam War economic pie.