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Snyder notes that these totalitarian systems had important differences, with Nazis propagandizing racial purity and the Soviets proclaiming international class struggle, until Russian nationalism was substituted for this slogan by a Georgian dictator in the wake of the Nazi invasion of the USSR.
17) For Lane, the degradation of white civilisation was intrinsically linked to the dilution of racial purity.
Though snow-capped mountains symbolize racial purity in the North, the shining red star and hydroelectric dam convey the state values of socialism and economic progress.
By what demonic twist of fate can Jews, who merely two generations ago suffered the cruelest racial bestiality as victims of Nazi anti-Semitism and racial purity laws, justify destroying an entire Palestinian population by plowing through their land, driving out it's inhabitants and by wielding power through military force to establish their ownership by "right.
Love is defined broadly, including love of the divine, of country and, the heart of the controversy surrounding the composer, Volksleibe the idealization of racial purity.
Unfortunately, all this Aryan baloney that Hitler pumps out becomes part of the story in Bulgaria, which is all the more ludicrous because there is no racial purity in Bulgaria-it's a country of immense ethnic diversity.
On a darker note, the show also highlights how the Nordic cult of blondness was adopted by Nazi Germany as a symbol of racial purity, spreading to Josef's Stalin's Soviet Union which celebrated the ideal of the blonde peasant - and on to the film studios of the United States.
The story unfolds in the round, the audience close up and personal, gathered around the actors as if in silent witness to those who once stood by and watched as human beings were subjected to appalling experiments and finally to genocide as the Nazis pursued their policy of racial purity.
She set out to challenge the ideas of racial purity and examined the provocative claims of biological advantages in being mixed-race.
But if you hold it out as your sole aim to start with you are going to get nowhere, so instead of talking about racial purity, you talk about identity.
The rule was implemented to regulate interracial sexual relations and, more specifically, interracial marriages to preserve so-called white racial purity.
The BNP talk about racial purity, a concept they learned from Hitler.